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PERK Checking offers a variety of valuable benefits through an easy-to-use app for a low monthly subscription of only $4.95. Save on hotels, car rental and vacation packages, as well as a broad selection of trip insurance and other protection plans. You can do it all while earning cash back with PERK Checking.

Take a look at the benefits you’ll receive with PERK Checking:

Cash Back: Earn cash back on all your debit and credit card purchases. You’re not just filling the gas tank, going out to eat or buying groceries; you’re putting money back in your pocket. Visit www.myluxbenefits.com to activate all of your credit and debit cards in a few short steps. Earnings are credited each month to your selected primary card if your earnings balance is greater than $10.

Cell Phone Protection: Enjoy protection up to $600.00 per claim, with coverage subject to a $50.00 co-payment per claim and a maximum of two claims per 12-month period.

CyberScout ® Identity Theft Resolution: A highly-qualified fraud specialist is just a toll-free phone call away when you are the victim of identity theft. Save time, eliminate frustration and get the problem solved quickly with the help of an expert.

Roadside Assistance: Whether taking a road trip or sticking close to home, you’ll appreciate the security of Nation Safe Drivers Auto Club, with service available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can access towing services up to 15 miles, tire or battery service, lockout service and more.

Lux Benefits Shopping, Travel & Attraction Discounts: This dynamic shopping program offers savings every time you use it. Through the website or app, you can access hundreds of popular merchants and restaurants nationwide, along with coupons and free shipping offers from a variety of top brands.

Travel Assistance Services: Simply call 1.800.243.6124 for assistance with planning your next adventure. You’ll also access medical and emergency assistance and repatriation of remains when traveling more than 100 miles from home, including while traveling abroad.

$10,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance: Coverage provided immediately at no additional charge. In the case of a joint account, total coverage is divided evenly among signers, with benefits extended to accidental deaths, dismemberment and coma, seat belt and airbag benefits.