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Who is at risk?

Anyone can be a potential target for fraudsters. At First National Bank and Trust, our first priority is protecting your personal information.

How we protect you:

  • 100% of our staff is trained in fraud prevention.
  • Our dedicated security teams are always on guard to anticipate, address and help prevent security threats.
  • For added protection, First National Bank and Trust's systems will automatically log you out of online banking after 15 minutes of inactivity. This timed log off reduces the risk of unauthorized access to your account from an unattended computer.
  • First National Bank and Trust's mobile applications (for smartphones, iPads and other mobile devices) will automatically log you out after 5 minutes of inactivity. This shortened log-off period helps reduce risk from unauthorized access to your account if your mobile device is lost or stolen.
  • We encrypt your confidential banking data to protect it to and from our servers.
  • We monitor payment channels for suspicious transactions to detect fraud.

Be alert for these warning signs:

  • Missing bills or statements

    You did not receive a bill or statement you expected to receive in the mail.

  • Unexpected charges

    Unfamiliar charges show up on your credit card, checking, savings or other account.

  • Denied credit

    You are unexpectedly denied credit or given unfavorable terms.

  • Unsolicited credit cards

    You receive credit cards that you never applied for.

  • Collection calls

    Creditors or collection agencies are attempting to collect money for unfamiliar purchases or services.